Ear ring box
Item Code: JRB01
Wood: Pine
This is exclusively designed for ear ring made of pine wood available in various color and sizes.
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Wooden Bangles
Item Code: JWB
Wood: Ebony / Shesam / Coconut Shell
These are the most common type of bangles used in our country and made of coconut shell, ebony and shesam wood.
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Fashion Jewellery1
Item Code: JF01
Wood: Indian Hard wood
This is made of wood.
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Display Tray1
Item Code: JDT01
Wood: Maplewood
This designer tray is used to display the jewellery items in their shop and made of quality wood.
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Display Tray 2
Item Code: JDT02
Wood: Mangowood
this designer tray is also used to display the jewellery items in their shop and made of quality wood.
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Designer Necklace
Item Code: JDN01
Made of: Wood / Metal
This necklace is a combination of wood and metal to look him more attractive .
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Designer Bangles1
Item Code: JDB(01 TO 06)
Wood: Indian Hard wood variety
We are the manufacturer of designer bangles made of wood available in various design color and sizes. Our artisan finished the products with their craftsmanship.
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Designer Bangles2
Item Code: JDB(07 TO 13)
Wood: Indian Hard wood variety
Available in different color, sizes and designs and all are made of Indian good quality wood.
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Fashion jewellery2
Item Code: JF02
Made of: Horn
This is also made of horn and available in different color and shapes.
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Fashion jewellery3
Item Code: JF03
Made of: Horn & Bone
The exclusive necklace is designed by our artist to satisfy our valued customer made of Horn & Bone combination.
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Jewellery box variety
Item Code: JBX(01 TO 06)
Wood: Mangowood / Maplewood
These are the different shapes of jewellery boxes used to keep your jewellery item safely.
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Jewellery set1
Item Code: JES01
Wood: Ebonywood
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Necklace Palm
Item Code: JNP(01 TO 03)
Wood: Palmwood
The most artistic necklaces is designed specially for the overseas clients and made of palm wood.
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Jewellery set2
Item Code: JCS01
Wood: Wood variety & Coconut Shell
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